Wedding Cards 8×8

The special couple deserve a very special card for their wedding day whether for family members or friends! All cards are made personalised for the happy couple with names and dates included also I can try to match the wedding colours on the card! For your keepsake card please use my contact page here to enquire about my Wedding cards scroll down to see some sample of my wedding cards.

All cards are 8×8 size and all have a suitable verse on a separate insert. Standard postage and packing of €3.00 applies to all cards.

WDC139 8×8 card €15.00
WDC138 8×8 card €15.00

WC139    €15.00

WC137    €15.00

WC121    €15.00

WC114    €15.00

Blue and white 8x8 wedding card
Blue and white 8×8 wedding card     €15.00

8x8 pink wedding clothes
8×8 pink wedding clothes     €15.00

Lilac Wedding Clothes 8×8 Square    €15.00