Congratulations: New Home, Graduation

girl graduate A5 size card €8.95 plus p+p

girl graduate A5 size card     €12.00 incl. p+p

Please scroll down to see more examples of these lovely handmade cards to congratulate someone no matter what the occasion, cards can be personalised to suit any occasion and this is just a sample of images available


Congrats cute owl A5 €8.95 plus p+p

Congrats cute owl A5     €12.00 incl. p+p

boy graduate A5 €8.95 plus p+p

boy graduate A5      €12.00 incl. p+p

New Home cute house €8.95 plus p+p A5

New Home cute house     €12.00 incl. p+p     A5

Grad Girl A5 size card €8.95 plus p+p

Grad Girl A5 size card     €12.00 incl. p+p

Champagne Teddy A5 size €8.95 plus p+p

Champagne Teddy A5 size      €12.00 incl. p+p

Wise Owl A5 size €8.95 plus p+p

Wise Owl A5 size      €12.00 incl. p+p

Busy Bee A5 size €8.95 plus p+p

Busy Bee A5 size     €12.00 incl. p+p

Graduation Nurse

Graduation Nurse    €12.00 incl. p+p

Male Nurse Graduation

Male Nurse Graduation     €12.00 incl. p+p